Haute Joaillerie
Haute Joaillerie

The art of jewelsetting:
Le Marquis "Haute Joaillerie"

In the great tradition of bringing Métiers d'Art or Master Crafts together, Lebeau-Courally presents a rare piece of extraordinary craftsmanship. A time piece has been turned into a true chef d'oeuvre. Le Marquis "Haute Joaillerie" is born from the minds and hands of the best craftsmen in the world.

Water resistance:
Limited series:

The creation of an exceptional watch has to meet certain strict requirements in the same way as creating a piece of jewellery. The demands of aesthetics, security and presentation determine the techniques that are used to assure the mechanisms and the splendour of the watches. In the jewel settings especially, the artistic prowess brought to be bear must be specially adapted to precisely meet the requirements of watchmaking.

Drawing on its experience of tooling luxury shotguns that are destined to become collector’s items, in its most exclusive projects Lebeau-Courally draws on the craft procedures that have already proved their worth throughout its history, applying them to different artistic techniques. As it happens, tooling and engraving have many similarities with jewelsetting in terms of the techniques and implements used, providing a shared foundation for work that is essentially similar.

The Lebeau-Courally designers and artisans have brought two aesthetic techniques and approaches together to present this exclusive creation with its full jewelsetting:
The technique most commonly used in watchmaking is the rail setting. In this case the jewels are slid between two parallel grooves like tiny rails. This is the technique used for baguette-cut jewels. Here the jewels are arranged around the inside of the dial with infinite care.
To hold the numerous diamonds that are rigorously selected and cut for perfect symmetry, the pavé setting more commonly used in jewelmaking has been miniaturised here with all the talent of master craftsmen, giving a smooth, harmonious effect to the jewelsetting of the watch.

The unique, fully set Le Marquis “Haute Joaillerie” employs 1524 diamonds and 36 pavé-cut stones together totalling 12 carats. This exceptional creation demanded 35 days of cutting and two full weeks of jewelsetting to attain the level of excellence that befits an exclusive objet d’art, a work of art in its own right.

If these exceptional timepieces are as fascinating as they are scintillating, it is because they crystallise the most accomplished craftsmanship of haute joaillerie. The House of Lebeau-Courally holds its mission dear to reflect the nobility and high added value in its creations, combining the excellence of their craftsmanship with their highly technical content. The jewelsetting techniques already used in gunsmithing are exemplified by Le Marquis Haute Joaillerie, in a demonstration that is as elegant as it is spectacular.

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