Phase de Lune
Phase de Lune

A new celestial star:
Phase de Lune

Inspired by the universal fascination of man for the moon, Lebeau-Courally reveals its new celestial star Phase de Lune. Developed for over 6 years and handcrafted in our manufacture d'horlogerie, this new iconic watch fuses gold with enamel. It merges the DNA of watchmaking with the genes of bespoke arms making.


    Phase de Lune


    Phase de Lune


    Phase de Lune

Water resistance:
Limited series:

A tribute to the universe

In our modern world, the moon phase provides an iconic connection to our past and to our place in the universe. The moon’s influence on men’s lives has always been great, from the ebb and flow of tides to crop harvests, religious ceremonies and navigation. It has always been historically important to keep track of the moon’s movements – which explains why the moon phase was an important additional complication in mechanical watches that found its way onto watch dials in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The moon phase translates our connection to time itself, and celebrates the microcosm and the universe that define our time.

Two world premières,
united in one exclusive watch

Lebeau-Courally's Phase de Lune reveals two firsts, born from the manufacture's DNA to create unique and handcrafted timepieces.

Beauty of a rare kind:
traditionally handcrafted enamel grand feu

As the Phase de Lune is a tribute to the world's best watchmaking skills and métiers d'art, the gold case models of Phase de Lune are equipped with beauty of a rare kind. The fixed white gold moon disc of the Phase de Lune is handcrafted in traditional enamel Grand Feu. For the white gold Phase de Lune, the blue dial too is hand enamelled in a deep blue on a remarkable guillochage suport.

The 'clé de fusil'
with double function

Transparent blue enamel is manually crushed and meticulously powdered, then brushed on a finely decorated metal lunar guilloche design base. It is then melted at over 800°C. The end result is a deep blue translucent dial with extraordinary detail and a luminosity that changes with the light shed on the dial. This technique - a very complex, labour-intensive and delicate process that requires the best artistic skills from a Maitre Emailleur - is rarely applied in watches and goes back to an ancient tradition in handcrafting the world's most noble watches.

Lebeau-Courally's traditional clé de fusil – referring to the adorned lock on its handcrafted hunting arms – can also be found on the Phase de Lune's watchcase at 8 o' clock. For this watch, the clé de fusil has been integrated in the date and moon phase complications of the watch and operates two functions. Pushing the lever sets the date adjustment. Pulling it, serves the adjustment of the moon phase.

The magnificent accuracy
of phase de lune

Behind the dial, you'll f ind a highly sophisticated movement – gearing a disc with the moon calendar. It rotates one complete cycle every month (29.5 days), with the waxing and waning face of the moon showing in the distinctive round aperture in the dial, revealing the lunar appearance.

In reality, the lunar cycle lasts 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes, or 29.53 days. Exactly this accuracy is reflected in the watch gears that drive the moon disc. This urge for exactitude increases the accuracy of the movement guaranteeing that the moon phase complication only needs adjusting once e very 2.5 years. With this exceptional watch, Lebeau-Courally creates a tribute to one of the most sought-after and emotional watch complications.

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